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Santa Monica MK3

Santa Monica MK3

Upwards Sloping - High Side of Street

This is one of our new designs for an upslope site. This stunning home incorporates a variety of innovative features to reflect a sophisticated and modern style.

The layout of this home is designed to promote a natural flow in the living areas. We have used an open-plan design to achieve this, creating a large room that includes a kitchen, two dining areas, a balcony, and a lounge room. This design also offers the option to include an alfresco which would further open up the space. 

This home is designed for sloping or elevated blocks that showcase a beautiful view. The option to include a balcony and an alfresco provides more opportunities for the view to be on display. 

This design is perfect for families or for those who love to entertain offering a possible 5 bedrooms, spacious living rooms, and a variety of different storage areas.