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Series (K) includes a range of homes designs which are suitable for land with a more substantial rise up above street level on the high side of the street. The Tullipan Home Designs within this category are ; The Salisbury, The Salisbury MK III, The Santa Fe MK II, The Carrington, The Cranbrook, The Vaucluse.

The Design - (Series K)

Home designs in this category are based on double storey appearance to the street frontage and are reduced to single storey construction at the rear of the building facing the backyard. The lower ground floor being slab on ground construction and the upper floor comprising of timber floor construction.

The attraction to this design concept is the ability to tackle the steeper grades of home sites with the majority of these designs the home is fully functional on one level, being the upper “floor level”. The accommodation upstairs generally being similar to the layout of single storey home designs. The backyard is accessed directly from the living areas, allowing indoor/outdoor entertaining. The garage is positioned on the lower level and with a standard front setback, can be elevated up to 1.5m above street level depending on the grade of your home site.

Internal access from the ground floor garage area to the upper first floor living areas are included in all designs. This design can be modified to accommodate steeper home sites. The way this is achieved is by lowering the garage floor level by up to 1.2m below the lower foyer level, thus assisting to achieve compliance with Council’s regulations in regard to maximum driveway grades. The garage is then benefited by a resulting ceiling height of 12ft (3.6m). Increased garage door head heights can then be introduced to accommodate 4wd vehicles or vans etc.

After review of your contour survey/detail survey the design staff at Tullipan Homes will inform you, should this adjustment be required for the levels of your home site.