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Series (L) includes the Salisbury MK IV design which is suitable for land with more substantial rise up above street level on the high side of the street. The Tullipan Homes Design within this category is The Salisbury MK IV.

The Design - (Series L)

Home designs in this category are based on double storey appearance to the street frontage, reduced to single storey construction at the rear of the building facing the backyard. The difference with this design series to the previous series (K) design is that the upper 1st floor level is split into two separate levels. The front half of the upper first floor level is stepped down 900mm lower than the rear half of the upper floor level.

The ceilings over the entire first floor area are carried through on one level, resulting in the front half of the upper floor being benefited by (3.3m) 11ft ceiling heights. This floor plan layout can also be known as a Tri-level home design.

The attraction to this type of design is the large open spaces that are created by the high ceilings. The central stairs and rails overlooking the living room from the media area creates the architectural theme of split level living. This step up to the rear first floor living areas also absorbs extra rise of the land levels, minimising the need for excavation across the rear of the building platforms.


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