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Series (M) includes a range of homes designs which are suitable for steep blocks on land on the high side of the road. The Tullipan Homes designs within this category are; The Bundeena & The Bundeena MKIII

The Design - (Series M)

Home designs in this category are based on part triple storey appearance to the street frontage, reduced to single storey construction at the rear of the building. This design principle was introduced to the Tullipan Home range specifically to cater for the more challenging land grades. Dividing the layout of the home throughout three levels achieves a smaller building footprint than the split level series (K) alternative.

The garage is placed on the lower floor level, adjacent to an entry foyer to achieve direct access to street level and minimise the driveway gradient. The living areas are placed on the middle floor level allowing direct access to the backyard. The other advantage of placing the garage under this mid floor level, is that the full width of the building across this elevated mid floor level can achieve un-obstructed views from the front of the house. A Balcony is also placed on the front of this area to capitalise on this design characteristic.

After review of your contour survey/detail survey the design staff at Tullipan Homes will inform you of this adjustment if required on your home site.


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