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Series (N) includes a range of the home designs which are suitable for level blocks of land which have the ability of achieving attractive views by the introduction of elevated first floor living areas. The Tullipan Home designs within this category are: The Bayview, The Bayview MK III, The Bayview MK IV, The Bayview Metro Façade with Curved Colorbond Roofing, The Vegas Living Upstairs, The Vegas Living Upstairs MK II.

The Design - (Series N)

The Bayview designs within this category are configured as conventional double storey construction which has the living areas reversed to be placed upstairs and the bedrooms placed downstairs. The front entry patio and internal entry foyer are then positioned half way between these upper and lower floor levels making the access to upstairs living areas more accessible and functional.

The 3.6m (12ft) ceiling height of this raised Foyer is the same ceiling level as the upstairs living, giving the feeling of being upstairs immediately upon walking through front door. Occupants of the upstairs area are only faced with travelling down steps to greet any guests at the front door. The raised level of the front portico, the concrete front portico stairs and the fixed glass hi-lite over the front entry door all combine to achieve a unique architectural style which is guaranteed to impress.

Modifications can be applied in order to accommodate to the sloping home sites. Once presented with your contour survey our design staff can advise as to any adjustments which may be able to be introduced to accommodate the grade of your sloping home site.