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Series (D) caters for land with a more substantial slope from left to right. The entire floor plan of the home is laid out in a single storey fashion with a double garage placed under one side of the house, forming two storey construction to one side and single storey to the other. The Tullipan Home Designs within this category are: The Cremorne MK I, The Cremorne MK II.

The Design - (Series D)

Home designs in this category are generally utilised when compliance with Council’s regulations, in regard to maximum driveway grade, becomes a challenge. Placing the garage one full storey below the main floor level reduces the amount of elevation above street level, resulting in a smoother transition and lesser driveway grade. The attraction to this design type is that it allows the advantages of the entire house being on one level to still be achievable even on a sloping home site. To view the range of Home Designs within our SERIES D category please click on the black button above the picture: