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Series (H) includes a range of home designs which cater for land with a gentle slope which falls below street level and which also has a combined slope from left to right. The Tullipan Home Designs within this category are: The Copa cabana. Note: Any other of our designs can be modified to suit this site profile.

The Design - (Series H)

This type of design is a smart way of adapting slab on ground construction, by the use of split floor slabs and step down concrete edge beams to marry with the contours of the land. The concrete floor slab is formed and founded as two individual slabs, with an internal deepened concrete edge beam of 1.2m in height, which raises one quadrant of the ground floor concrete floor slab to a height of 1.2m above the areas to the rear and one side.

In the case of the Glenvale MK II and the Stanford designs this lower slab area boasts 12ft (3.6m) ceiling heights taking full advantage of the fall of the land. Optional hi-lite windows can be added above the rooms and windows to the lower sections further complimenting the benefits of the 12ft ceiling areas. The attractions to this design series are that the living areas step out directly onto the rear yard level, avoiding the elevated timber decks that are associated with the optional bearer and joist construction.

Also the fall of the land is taken up by the use of split level slab construction rather than an elevated timber floor which would include damp and wasted sub floor space. Various façade options can be adopted to this type of design and changes to the method of construction can be introduced to adapt this type of design for steeper home sites.


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